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Is this chatbot as smart as an average human?

  • Yes
  • Almost
  • Not yet
  • No
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Mike T. 03 February 2012, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
You: Where is England? The Professor: Yes. Whoops. Haha.
Elizabeth 08 January 2012, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
The bot can only answer one question at a time. When asked a question it is evasive or it gives a response that is rude and/or pompous, in which case it does resemble a human, but a jerk of a human. BTW, I love typing the code to prove I am not a robot. What fantastic irony that whoever moderates these comments cannot tell me apart from a computer. That may be a fatal flaw when you consider who is programming this bot ^_^ (don't worry... I know it is to prevent spam, but I still love the irony).
Nina 06 January 2012, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
I could tell with the first response. Doesn't even rate.
joe 05 January 2012, from IP:      Comment marked for deletion
needs to have Q/A history on screen instead of displaying only the most recent
Rory 03 January 2012, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
It is still a Long way from passing the Turing test, seeing as it has to convince you it's human at least 70% of the time, and as shown above it's only managed 8% so far.
Andrew 03 January 2012, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
It doesn't answer questions except ones only a computer could answer. It is also repeata thing you've said without necassary adjustments to grammar.
Dubiaku 02 January 2012, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
Too many "What do you think"s and answers that would be sarcastic from a human. Evasive.
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Created: 07.12.2011
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